Kirsten Vanksiver

Hair, Makeup, and Styling by Zac Hart

Dress by Zara


This was a really special shoot for a few reasons.

The first being that this was the second time I was getting to work with Kirstin and Zac. They are both very talented and the three of us groove so well together (guaranteeing a good time, an encouraging and supportive environment, and most importantly, kick ass photos). I first worked with them back in November 2015 and it was an important shoot because I decided to really "go for it" with the images that I received. Before that shoot I had created a separate Instagram for just professional pictures. The reason for this being that I was too scared that people were going to judge me and I also didn't want to come off as self-centered. With some loving "don't be dumb, these are really cool shots", a reminder that "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind", and some really beautiful pictures, I mustered up the courage to post on my personal Instagram. It was definitely scary at first, especially since these portraits looked pretty out of place next to posts of sunsets and what I was having for dinner, but once I ripped the band-aid off it felt really freeing. The best was when I started receiving texts from friends and people who I hadn't spoken with in a long time, reaching out to tell me that they were really impressed and wishing me the best of luck. Being able to shoot again with a team that had given me a lot of confidence was just the best. The only downside of loving these two so much is that I do get jealous when I see them working with any one else... gotta work on that.

The second being that I didn't have to do my own hair and makeup or bring my own clothes. While not nearly as important as the first, not having the anxiety the night before leading up to the shoot was fantastic. I never feel prepared enough when I bring my own outfits and have to do my own makeup so the absence of that stress was a pleasure. Zac straight up kills it in the hair and makeup department and Kirstin creates really really really pretty pictures.

The last being she has two cats.

Oh yeah, and If you make it all the way to the end there is a super video that Kirstin and her husband created #relationshipgoals