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Instagram stories only last for 24 hours (sad). check back here if you're feeling like you missed something or want to give it another watch!

*I'm also doing this so I can have a diary without really having to write anything


Notes/Highlights: I was having a lovely day off, stress free, when I realized I left a GIANT tag on my jeans the day before. Which means that all three agencies I visited got to see this and I am beyond mortified! I watched Moana alone- don't do that. My friend Jessica self pollinates her orange and lime trees. 


Notes/Highlights: I took a 24 hour trip to Chicago to see some agencies. I always feel like it's impossible to tell how those kind of meetings go. If you eat beef there is a good chance you have eaten horse meat a few times. I found a new pair of winter boots that I am obsessed with AND they are vegan!


I forgot to save my story (face palm).

Notes/Highlights: Ten minutes into my first Mega Bud ride (to Chicago for 20 hours to meet with agencies), the engine light came on and we had to pull over for about an hour. Once back on the road I wore my seat belt (definitely the only one doing that). I got to have dinner with my friend Laura and spend time with her cute little family. Hopefully I'll be back soon!


Notes/Highlights: I slept terribly and of course my shoot was pushed back two hours but hey, it's what I signed up for. We got to play camping for Oros Apparel and they clothes were actually incredibly warm, I think it was in the 30's and I never really felt too cold. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, it definitely makes a loud noise.


Notes/Highlights: I'm too scared to try anything for the first time by myself. Times flies- I can't believe it has been one year since my beloved grandpa Irv left us :( Once I landed in Cinci I went to my agency and got to see my new comp card and my friend Casey's. I made my hosts watch Moana.


Notes/Highlights: There are actually people in this world who haven't been to Olive Garden (unlimited soup and salad for LYFE). There is a dog in my building named Big Boy (she a lady). I crushed dinner with Upton's BBQ pulled jackfruit, lima beans, and the best mac and "cheese" I've had so far by Leahey Gardens from Orchard Grocer. Nick licked his plate.


Notes/Highlights: I like to make things really complicated when I go to Sweet Green and they are always so accommodating! I am committing to shopping at store that are eco friendly, as well as shopping second hand- it's actually really fun! I went to  Olive Garden for endless pasta bowls, I had to be rolled out on a stretcher when all was said and done. Nick bought his niece a pink unicorn.


Notes/Highlights: I survived working a charity poker event. People kept cramping my vibes as I tried to take a good pic for Insta. My go-to Sweet Green order: Harvest bowl, sub cheese for hummus and chicken for falafel. There was a shooting outside of my apartment but the incident was isolated so I feel a little safer in a world of weekly shootings :(


Notes/Highlights: BASEBALL SEASON IS OVER!!!! I continued my vegan burger tour at Bare Burger with the Impossible Burger and it was so so so good! My friend Ali who is not vegan was impressed and really liked the vegan cheese. The dairy industry kills, people! Time to wake up and see the industry for what it is- if you love your dog and don't want to be a hypocrite, you should probably consider going vegan. I agreed to work an event that I knew I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone for, there was a lot of anxiety sweat! 





Notes/Highlights: It was a very rainy Sunday so we stayed all day. I realized I no longer get Halloween FOMO which is a great feeling! If you don't already, please subscribe to me YouTube channel! Nick teaches me how to do my Adore Me takeover.


Notes/Highlights: Our favorite Saturday morning bagel joint was hoppin and there were lots of cute doggos. Nick and I took a little road trip to Providence to watch women's college volleyball and sang Moana. No one requested any songs for us to sing. We went to an amazing vegan/veg restaurant, The Grange, and drove home full and happy.


Notes/Highlights: I competed on a new game show pilot that if picked up, will help students wipe out their student loans. It was stressful, I sweat a lot, and had a lot of fun- I hope the show gets picked up! My apartment has questionable decor. Per usual, didn't have a Halloween costume but ended up being a farmer with my prized watermelon Maggie who is a fellow MSA model and she pushed me to be social and stay out passed my bedtime.


Notes/Highlights: *DISCLAIMER- its not really that I'm lazy, I just really don't like showering and doing my hair and makeup because I don't think I am very good at it.* Redken hairspray smells amazing to me, its the one in the black bottle. I finally met an Insta aquaintance, Pippa, and we had a really great test shoot that will hopefully lead to paid gigs! I don't like fall at all but I had a lot of fun shooting these meme videos with Elite Daily. You can watch my video with Popsugar x Aqauphor here.


Notes/Highlights: Boys are babies when they get sick. I love my Chicella black camo backpack and Just water. My hair got loaded up with about two cans of hairspray for an Allure evolution video (will post that once it comes out). I have to pay attention to Nick at all times. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ban.do planner more than anything. I bought some graphic tees from BigDrop NYC